Solar Project Part 1
So this is the page for my own solo project called the Solar Project (duh). The idea with the project is for me to have an outlet of all my progressive melodies and ideas that doesn't really fit in any of the other bands I play in.  I'm thinking of keeping it as an ongoing project with the ability to have different kinds of guest musicians contributing. But as of right now I don’t feel I have the production/mixing skills to take on a project like this so I feel that when I end up with doing a full album I would need to hire someone to do it. 

I've decided to release the demo of the first part for free to download on this page. If you want to support you can put in an amount that you would want to donate when snagging the download. You will be contributing to more music being made. If budget allows try and make a full production with drums etc for the full fledged album.

Best regards and hope you'll enjoy the song - Ola